National Wellness Institute App 2-week Sprint

Ironhack’s 7th Week Challenge was to partner with our client National Wellness Institute by creating a business application that will allow its Users to be able to set wellness goals, track and view their progress through data visualization, and allow NWI Wellness Coaches to communicate with the User.

In order…

Covid has affected everyone, and live events that rely on audiences for financial survival aren’t excluded.

Did you know that since Covid Live Venues from Church Services to Strip Clubs, have started using Drive In’s to host their events?

The Challenge

Our Ironhack Challenge for Week #5 in this four…

The “Mission” (the For What)

Our mission in this exercise is to help our interviewed families plan a vacation to Cairo, Egypt. Our families will be taking their children with ranging age ranges oversees for the first time. While children have different needs and likes and dislikes, our goal is to make this trip as…

My first design for Ironhack

At first glance, our clients app, Citymapper suggests it's an app for the “ultimate transport.” The app is accessible on mobile, and desktop devices. Although there are numerous options for walking, bike, bus, metro, rail, e-scooter, and cabs are available, I found as a first-time…

Coco Griffin

Christian and mother of six thats been through all of lifes hicks

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