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Coco Griffin
3 min readJan 5, 2021


Cairo, Egypt (family vacationing)

The “Mission” (the For What)

Our mission in this exercise is to help our interviewed families plan a vacation to Cairo, Egypt. Our families will be taking their children with ranging age ranges oversees for the first time. While children have different needs and likes and dislikes, our goal is to make this trip as pleasant and memorable for all it’s members needs, as possible. To obtain a good view of our clients needs research will be conducted to reflect and perform research to find the pain points our families are having scheduling this trip.

Flying with kids

The Study

(the Exploring Process, are what, where, and whom)

From the groups of families I conducted a semi structed interview to obtain the research needed to find and solve our pain points/problems. Research reflected that although cost is a big factor, because families do want to save where they can; the biggest pain point was requesting a “break/layover” when needed on flights to and from. Children, especially some of the younger ones involved in this study, have needs for a family “reset” with long overseas flights, that may arise suddenly. Families interviewed recalled flights domestically where children have had meltdowns for hours, where the families wished they could have had an option at the next stop to get out and calm their children and themselves before continuing. Others have children with special conditions like panic attacks, where the children need breaks for help purposes for a calm overseas flight. If there were a way to group cost effective option, while giving families an option to request an emergency layover at a stop before the destination, it would put the panic and unease of long overseas flight to rest for our families included in this study. When asked hypothetically our families agreed they would be willing to pay a portion more just for this flexibility option for their trips. A lo fi wireframe for requesting an option of Emergency Layover Request or ELR was prototyped for the Skyscanner (most used) app. to support our families needs.

Is this going to help? (our Validation process)

Both children and adults in families interviewed agreed that having this option would enhance the enjoyment of the family vacation for all members. Wireframing ELR into a checkbox during the checkout of the itinerary process made the option quick, and painless for our users to add to their trip. The user took little time to find the ELR checkbox (screen 1)because it stood separate from other screen info. Questions arose like itinerary info once ELR was activated and options with requesting more time, help, and requesting ELR while in route on trip (covered in screen 3, and 4).

lo fi wireframe ELR app (screen #1,2,3,and 4)

Final Report

Our users were able to find the ELR option quickly visually and navigate through needed screens to ensure that the trip, while being delayed, would still be on without any confusion on when their next flight to final dest. would be. The help and live chat options ensures 24 hour customer service options in the air or on land.



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